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cemetery: Powązki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej

Cmentarze ewangelickie w Elblągu

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Cemeteries at ul. Sadowa in Elbląg - located at ul. Sadowa and Gen. J. Bema in Elbląg, a group of evangelical cemeteries, consisting of: * cemetery of the New Evangelical parish of the Three Kings, * Baptist cemetery, * Evangelical Reformed cemetery St. John. On February 23, 1994, the cemetery team together with the former chapel and the entrance gate were entered into the register of monuments under No. 334/94. [source: Wikipedia, 3673149]
type of the cemeteryreligious
state of the cemeteryclosed
[source: Wikipedia, 3673149]
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before 194

The cemetery of the Three Kings Parish and the Baptist cemetery were erected in the 1880s, when burials in church cemeteries in the city center were completely banned. They were located on the slopes of Mount Napoleon (Napoleonsberg), and the main entrances were from the current Sadowa Street (then Baumschulenweg). The cemetery complex was fenced with a cast iron fence along which a lane of linden trees was planted. In 1910, the Evangelical Reformed cemetery was opened for burials. St. John . On the cemetery of the Three Kings' Evangelical parish, a spacious chapel was built where funeral services were held. In 1923, a quarters were erected, on which the bodies exhumed from other places of the world killed in World War I were buried, and a metal cross was placed in the central part. Many Elbląg residents were buried in the cemetery, including Franz Komnick, as well as Emma and Emil Drange - grandparents of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Hermann Schroeter, Ernst Winkler.

contemporary art

After the Second World War, the cemeteries were devastated, the area of the Baptist cemetery was plated. The damaged cemetery chapel was handed over in 1949 to the parish of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church, which rebuilt the temple into the church of St. Mary Magdalene. In the 1980s, a vestibule crowned with a dome in the Byzantine style was added to it. From the war quarters there was a pedestal on which the cross was located, while in order to protect against profanation, the grave of Franz Komnicka was moved to the central part of the cemetery complex in 2008, where a lapidary of tombstone sculpture was arranged. There is a commemorative plaque with the inscription "Lapidary of Remembrance of the Residents of the City of Elbląg Buried to 1945 Elbląg 2000". There is an apiary in the former Baptist cemetery. Part of the cemetery of the former Evangelical parish of the Three Kings is subject to the 2007 Evangelical-Reformed Parish in Warsaw, which built a new fence and is responsible for its maintenance. [source: Wikipedia, 3673149]
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