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cemetery: Powązki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej

Cmentarz prawosławny w Białymstoku

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Orthodox cemetery in Bialystok - an Orthodox necropolis with an area of 6.7 hectares located in Bialystok at ul. Władysława Wysockiego 1 . [source: Wikipedia, 2696031]
type of the cemeteryreligious
state of the cemeteryactive
[source: Wikipedia, 2696031]
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After closing in 1887, located in the center of Białystok, the cemetery at the church of Saint. Mary Magdalene was designated a new cemetery located on the outskirts of the city, in the Wygoda district (currently Jaroszówka). During World War I, the necropolis was expanded to the current borders and served as a military cemetery. In the years 1982-1984, a register of historic tombstones was established. The necropolis with the cemetery church is located in the register of monuments of the Podlasie Voivodship under the number A-84 . On May 31, 1892, the cornerstone for the construction of the cemetery church was laid in the cemetery. She was ordained to All Saints on May 19, 1894 as the affiliate church of St. Nicholas. On June 16, 1982, by the decree of the then Bishop of Bialystok and Gdańsk Sawa, an independent parish was established near the cemetery church . [source: Wikipedia, 2696031]
One of the quarters of the necropolis is intended for the burials of the Old Believers. At the cemetery there is a monument commemorating the Genocide of the Armenians. Inscriptions in Armenian and Polish are placed on the monument. The inscription in Polish reads: For the memory of 1500,000 Armenians murdered on 24 April 1915 by the Turks. In the cemetery there is a gravestone of priest. Konstanty Prokopowicz, parish priest of the Orthodox parish in Suraż, hanged on a tree near his presbytery on the night of 22-23 May 1863 by the participants of the January Uprising. The tombstone was originally located on the Orthodox cemetery near the church in Zawyki, however, after taking over this necropolis and the temple by Catholics in the interwar years, it was decided to transfer it to the Orthodox cemetery in Białystok, where it is still today. In the same quarters, a cross was set up, which was crowned with the church of the Transfiguration in Suraż, dismantled in 1929. [source: Wikipedia, 2696031]
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