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cemetery: Powązki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej

Cmentarz prawosławny w Łaskowie

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Orthodox Cemetery in Łasków - a graveyard of the Orthodox denomination in Łask, probably founded in the 19th century as Uniate, renamed in 1875 to the Orthodox Church, used to destroy the village in 1944. [source: Wikipedia, 3682472]
type of the cemeteryreligious
state of the cemeteryclosed
[source: Wikipedia, 3682472]
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History and description
The cemetery was probably marked out in the 19th century for the local Uniate population at the chapel of this denomination. In 1875, as a result of the liquidation of the Uniate Chełm diocese, it was renamed, just like the Orthodox church, to the Orthodox one. It was in use until 1944 D. Kawałko, Cemeteries ..., p. 154. . On March 10 this year the village was burnt by a branch of the Home Army as part of a larger action against the villages recognized by the AK intelligence as centers of the Ukrainian partisans (on the same day also Sahryń and Szychowice were destroyed); during the attack, Polish soldiers killed 250-300 local civilian Ukrainians, including the Orthodox priest Leo Korobchuk A. Matreńczyk, I have an Orthodox church and 49 cemeteries in the parish, Orthodox Review, December 2008, No. 12 (282). . The victims of the crime were buried in the cemetery . Lew Korobczuk, canonized in 2003 as one of the Chełm and Podlasie martyrs, was buried near the entrance to the necropolis (the exact burial site was not established). There was also a monument commemorating the murdered clergyman and all the dead residents of Łasków from the village up to its burning in 1944. Its founder is Lidia Własiuk-Kołomijec, a Ukrainian born in Łask, who was the only one of her family not killed during the pacification of the village . At the beginning of the 1990s, there were three stone gravestones on the cemetery - crosses or pedestals - and two wooden crosses, including one with the date 1944. On the gravestones there are Orthodox Slavonic inscriptions . The cemetery was cleaned and restored in 2007 by students from Ukraine. Łask monument. Jpg [source: Wikipedia, 3682472]
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