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cemetery: Powązki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej

Stary cmentarz Na Pęksowym Brzyzku

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Cemetery of the Honored on Pęksowy Brzyzku in Zakopane (also called the Old Cemetery) - the first cemetery in Zakopane at ul. Kościeliska, established in the second half of the 19th century by the first parish priest of Zakopane, priest Józef Stolarczyk . [source: Wikipedia, 76571]
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The cemetery was established in 1851 with the already existing and enlarged church of St. Clement. The name of the cemetery comes from the name of the donor of the land on which it is located, Jan Pęksy. In a highlander's dial, the hollow ("brzyzek") means a cliff over the stream. The cemetery gate was designed by Stanisław Witkiewicz. After the massacres of 1861 made by Russia in Warsaw and Vilnius, the Zakopane family of Homolacs founded a cross and plaque, which stood in the center of the cemetery. The inscription on the board read: Eternal rest to brothers innocently murdered in Warsaw and Vilnius. A year later, the starosty in Nowy Targ ordered to remove the inscription. In 1908, a new cemetery at Nowotarska Street was established. At the end of 1931, the Old Cemetery was entered into the register of monuments and given the name of the Cemetery of merit . This meant that each burial required the conservator's consent from now on and only people who were outstanding and merited for Zakopane, Tatra and Podhale were buried in the cemetery. The cemetery is surrounded by a stone wall, which in the 1950s on the occasion of the centenary of the necropolis was renovated thanks to the parish priest, priest Jan Tobolak. Then a dozen or so bas-reliefs and an inscription: Ojczyzna to the land and graves were added. Nations losing their memory lose their lives. Zakopane remembers. Renovation was desirable because after World War II, the cemetery was in very poor condition (broken tombstones, rotten crosses, etc.) . From mid-June 2014, the parish will charge a visitor to the cemetery. Money is spent on the conservation of facilities . [source: Wikipedia, 76571]
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