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cemetery: Powązki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej
Barwałd Dolny

Stary cmentarz parafialny w Barwałdzie Dolnym

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Old parish cemetery in Barwałd Dolny - parish cemetery, managed by the parish of St. Erasmus in Barwałd Dolny. It was founded in September 1837. It covers an area of 51 ares. [source: Wikipedia, 4418676]
confessionRoman Catholic
type of the cemeteryparish
state of the cemeteryactive
[source: Wikipedia, 4418676]
the area where services are available
area where services are not available
In 1797, the Plenipotor Court of Western Galicia issued a decree ordering that the cemeteries be moved outside inhabited places. Therefore, a letter was issued that obliged the nobility to meet Barwadzka on 10 May 1835 with the then parish priest of Saint. Erasmus, priest Andrzej Grywalski, in order to establish a place for a new cemetery. It was not until June 1837 that the Circular Director ordered the hiding of the deceased from August 1 in a new place. At the request of Fr. Grywalski, the date was postponed to the first day of September of the same year. This was due to the fact that rye and oats grew on the plot where the necropolis was to be built. In 1837 the liquidation of the church cemetery began. From September, dead were buried in a field about 250 meters away from the church. After almost 70 years of using the new cemetery, it turned out to be too small. On May 17, 1906, a plot for enlargement was purchased from Józef and Rozalia from Stokłosów Tatarów for 690 crowns. It was devoted to her. Szymon Batko after the Vespers, June 25, 1908. The first buried in the new part of the person was the head of Barwałd Dolny - Anna Tatar (the funeral took place on August 28, 1908). Stairs and a gate for the necropolis was done for 240 crowns by Jan Filek from behind the Lasku from Barwałd Średny. In September 1979, an asphalt road was made from the church to the cemetery. [source: Wikipedia, 4418676]
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