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cemetery: Pow±zki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej

Cmentarz wojenny nr 194 Szczepanowice-Żabno

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War Cemetery No. 194 - Szczepanowice-Żabno - Austrian cemetery from World War I in Szczepanowice, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Tarnow poviat, in the Pleśna commune. One of over 400 Western-Galician war cemeteries built by the Cemetery Graves Division of the C. and K. Military Commanders in Krakow. In the 6 th Tarnów district, these cemeteries are 63. [source: Wikipedia, 2778654]
type of the cemeterywar
state of the cemeteryclosed
[source: Wikipedia, 2778654]
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Description of the cemetery
The cemetery is located on the road from Szczepanowice to Lubinki through the Żabno housing estate. Designed by Heinrich Scholz on the plan of an elongated rectangle. It was built on the slope on the east side of this road and faces the front. A fence from the side of the road in the form of thick chains hanging from concrete pillars, on the opposite side in the form of a stone wall. Entrance to the cemetery from the road along the concrete steps and through a low metal, two-winged wicket. In the wall opposite the gate, a monument in the form of a concrete obelisk with a cross and date 1914, 1915. In the lower part of the obelisk an inscription in German, translated into Polish meaning: We strived for a feud - we found a room. Tombs of soldiers in two parallel rows. Tombstones in the form of concrete stel with cast-iron crosses, a round nameplate and date 1914 or 1915. There are two types of these crosses; Maltese and Lorraine, both topped with a laurel wreath. File: War Cemetery No. 194 - Szczepanowice-Żabno PCR13 (3) .jpg [source: Wikipedia, 2778654]
the fallen
In 1914 and 1915, fierce battles between the Russian and Austro-Hungarian armies took place on the Dunajec line. In 44 individual tombs, 22 soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army and 22 soldiers of the Russian army were buried there. On many personal nameplates, names and dates have already become obsolete. Those who managed to read clearly show that most of the soldiers died in 1914. On the Austro-Hungarian side, they fought in the 18th regiment of the Landwehr infantry recruiting soldiers in the vicinity of Przemyśl and Sanok, 81 pp. recruiters in the vicinity of Jihlava in the Czech Republic, 11th Mukachevsky and 16th Banskobystrian infantry regiment, 34th Battalion of Landturst, 1st and 3rd Regiment of Imperial Tyroli Gunners. Only the Kherson Infantry Regiment is known from Russian units. [source: Wikipedia, 2778654]
The fate of the cemetery
After World War II, the rank of cemeteries from the First World War in the awareness of society and the authorities at that time decreased, and cemeteries were naturally destroyed by weather and vegetation factors. It was only from the 1990s that more care was started for World War I cemeteries. In 2010, this cemetery was included in the list of monuments. He was renovated many times. However, it is located on a shady slope in a humid place, which is conducive to its destruction. The walls and tombstones are overgrown with mosses, most of the stelae have broken off crosses (and they are missing in the cemetery), which is probably the work of vandals or scrap yards. [source: Wikipedia, 2778654]
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