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cemetery: Powązki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej
Stara Wieś

Cmentarz wojenny nr 369 Stara Wieś-Golców

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War Cemetery No. 369 - Stara Wieś-Golców - a war cemetery from Goleniów in the Beskid Wyspowy, on the border of Siekierczyna and Stara Wieś. It belongs to the X (Limanowa) Circle of the Cemetery Graves C and K. Commandant's Office in Krakow. It is one of 400 cemeteries of this branch, of which there are 36 in the Limanowa region. [source: Wikipedia, 2016808]
type of the cemeterywar
state of the cemeteryclosed
[source: Wikipedia, 2016808]
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He was buried in Austrian and Russian soldiers who died on December 7-12, 1914 during the Limanowa-Pawanska operation. The battle ended with the victory of Austrian troops who stopped the Russian offensive towards Krakow and Silesia. Cemeteries from this battle are still in many other places around Limanowa. [source: Wikipedia, 2016808]
Description of the cemetery
The cemetery in Golców is located near the forest, on the eastern slopes of Golcowa. It has an area of 366 m and is fenced. The fence consists of stone posts, concrete foundations and thick iron pipes between the posts. There are 10 group graves and 16 singles with cast-iron Latin and Lorraine crosses on the cemetery. Names are missing. In total 47 soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army and 32 Russian army were buried here. In the upper part of the cemetery, a single larch was planted. The cemetery was still built during the war. It was brought to this in 1915, immediately after the Russians, as the result of the battle for the Austrians victorious for Gorlice, were moved further east. The designer of the cemetery was Gustav Ludvig, the same one who designed the nearby representative War Cemetery No. 368 - Limanowa-Jabłoniec. Next to the cemetery there is a tourist trail from Limanowa. For tourists, a covered shelter was made near the cemetery with benches. From this place there are extensive views of Limanowa lying down below and the Salmon Range rising above it. [source: Wikipedia, 2016808]
Hiking trails
: blue: Limanowa - Jabłoniec - Golców - The Ostra-Cichoń Pass. [source: Wikipedia, 2016808]
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