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cemetery: Pow±zki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej

Cmentarz wojenny nr 59 Przysłup

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War Cemetery No. 59 - Przysłup - an Austrian cemetery from World War I located in the north-eastern part of the village of Przysłup in the Uście Gorlickie commune, by the top of Magura Małastowska, designed by Dušan Jurkovič. One of over 400 Western-Galician war cemeteries built by the Cemetery Graves Division of the C. and K. Military Commanders in Krakow. It belongs to the First Cemetery District of Nowy Żmigród. [source: Wikipedia, 1709013]
type of the cemeterywar
state of the cemeteryclosed
[source: Wikipedia, 1709013]
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The object is located in the forest, on the slope of Magura Małastowska. The easiest way to get to it is the path marked with black and white squares from the top of Magura Małastowska. The path starts at the dividing of the green and blue trails. First, it passes a circle located around 100 m from the separation of military cemetery routes No. 58, and then after about 20 minutes it reaches the cemetery No. 59. The cemetery has a rectangular shape with an area of 163 m, surrounded by a stone wall about one meter high on three sides and a stone triangular wall ended with a stone cross. In its area there are 17 mass graves and one single gravestone born in Lazne Podehrady in 1888 by Czech Emil from Obereigner. The whole cemetery is completely renovated and cleared of bushes, trees and weeds. In 2007-2008, the cemetery was renovated by the Magurycz Association on the initiative of the Friends of Nowicy Association. The original HV stone posts that mark the boundaries of the cemetery plot have also survived. On the monument there is an inscription engraved in a stone slab:: WOLLT IHR DIE HEIMGEGANGENEN: HELDEN EHREN SCHENKT: EUER HERZ DER ERDE: DIE SIE DECKT At the cemetery, 17 soldiers were buried in 17 mass graves and one single grave: * 60 Austro-Hungarian from the following units : 40th Austro-Hungarian Infantry Regiment from Rzeszów. 56 PP from Krakow, 89 PP from Jaroslaw, 98 PP from Josevov, 36 PP, 3 PP, 10 PP, 12 PP, 30 PP, 4 Bosnian-Herzegovina Infantry Regiment, 3 Infantry Regiment kk Landwehr, 30th Infantry Regiment kk Landwehr and 24 Landsturmu Battalion * 20 Russian killed from January to May 1915 Oktawian Duda, Cemeteries of the First World War in Western Galicia 1914-1918 - Studies and materials, Center for the Protection of the Historic Landscape, Warsaw 1995, p. 124 . From among 60 Austrian soldiers buried, identity 56 is known. [source: Wikipedia, 1709013]
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