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cemetery: Powązki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej

Cmentarz prawosławny przy ulicy Ogrodowej w Łodzi

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Orthodox cemetery St. Aleksandra at Ogrodowa Street in Łódź - the oldest Orthodox cemetery in Łódź, which is the smallest part of the complex of the Old Cemetery. [source: Wikipedia, 1347982]
type of the cemeterydenominational (formerly military)
state of the cemeteryactive
[source: Wikipedia, 1347982]
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The cemetery was founded in 1855. Initially, it had an area of 0.7 hectares and only military and policemen were buried there. In subsequent years, he was also made available to civilians. In 1886, a cemetery chapel was built at the cemetery. St. Alexius. In 1988, the cemetery was expanded by another 0.2 ha. From 1970 Catholic funerals are also held at the cemetery. This was due to the lack of empty seats after leaving most of the Russians after 1918 and the poor financial condition of the Orthodox parish. [source: Wikipedia, 1347982]
Chapels. * Chapel pw. St. Aleksego - the main cemetery chapel * Chapel of the Holy Virgin Of the Resurrection - the role of a funeral chapel, when you can not use the chapel of St. Alexius Mausolea. * Gojżewski Mausoleum - neo-Byzantine tomb of Konstantin Aleksandrowicz Gojżewski, * Mausoleum of an unknown family - a Byzantine tomb of an unknown family of red brick covered with onion-shaped dome built in 1890-1900 according to the design of an unknown author. Renovated in 1997-1998, including the stars on the inside of the dome. Other antique monuments. * The grave of Wiktor Kaniszczew - a monument from 1895 in the form of a canopy (military tent) of brown and white marble * The grave of Vladimir Lieontowski - a gravestone attributed to Wacław Konopka. It has the shape of a tripartite wall, which is decorated with a rosebud * Tomb of Vasily Kovalev - gray sandstone tombstone with flat-carved thorns * Grave of Sergei Vnukov - a tombstone in the form of a vertical plate crowned with an Orthodox cross * The grave of the Kriukow brothers - one of the oldest gravestones in the cemetery * The tomb of Yekaterina Swinovna - a stone gravestone in the form of a cross, after which ivy is climbing * The tomb of NN - the oldest preserved tombstone from 1884 with faded inscriptions * The mass grave of nine soldiers from the 40th Ko³ochyn Infantry Regiment - a red stone tomb with the Russian inscription: Eternal the memory of faithful defenders of the tsar and the homeland, you honored the debt of the oath with honor. From the officers of the 40th Ko³ochyn Infantry Regiment * Collective grave of Russian soldiers - a tombstone in the form of five stone and two wooden Orthodox crosses [source: Wikipedia, 1347982]
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