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cemetery: Powązki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej

Cmentarz wojenny nr 362 Szczyrzyc

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War Cemetery No. 362 - Szczyrzyc - a war cemetery from the First World War in the town of Szczyrzyc, in the commune of Jodłownik, the Limanowa poviat, and the Małopolska province. It belongs to the X (Limanowa) Circle of the Cemetery Graves C and K. Commandant's Office in Krakow. It is one of 400 cemeteries of this branch, of which there are 36 in the Limanowa region . [source: Wikipedia, 2043799]
type of the cemeterywar
state of the cemeteryclosed
[source: Wikipedia, 2043799]
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He was buried 22 Austro-Hungarian soldiers and 13 Russian soldiers, killed on 3-6 December 1914, in the battles under the villages of Góra Świętego Jana and Krzesławice in the initial phase of the pawanowo-Limanowa operation. It was a victorious battle for the Austrians, as a result of which the front moved further east the front moved further to the east, and in 1915 the Austrians proceeded to build war cemeteries on the recovered territory. This was built at the crossroads of roads where there was a nineteenth-century brick chapel. The cemetery was built by Italian prisoners according to the design of Gustaw Ludwig . [source: Wikipedia, 2043799]
Description of the cemetery
It is a small cemetery located in the center of Szczyrzyc, at the intersection of roads to Jodłownik and Skrzydlna. The main decorative element is the chapel, which existed here before the cemetery was built. The cemetery is fenced, and old lindens grow around. The fence is made of concrete pillars, between which three rows of steel pipes are inserted. Inside the fence there are various types of tombstones with tin name plates and topped with various types of cast-iron crosses . [source: Wikipedia, 2043799]
The fate of the cemetery
Austrians designed and executed war cemeteries with great gusto. They were intended to be a place of patriotic meetings. At the same time, they showed enormous respect for the enemies, in one cemetery hiding soldiers of both fighting armies, and for all performing equally representative tombstones . Originally, the cemetery had a slightly different appearance, but over time it underwent natural destruction processes. The original fence was completely destroyed, replaced with a metal mesh . Later, the cemetery was repaired, based on the preserved plans, recreating its original appearance. It is currently in very good condition . [source: Wikipedia, 2043799]
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