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cemetery: Powązki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej
Fee for the grave
Our service makes it possible to pay the toll payment due. Such an activity is possible for graves, for which information about the current state of charges, registered as a result of a previous order, is entered on the website. If you intend to pay for the grave, and no one has ordered a fee check for it, you should first order such a check in a separate service of our service.
Indication of the buried grave
In order to properly identify the grave for which you would like to pay the due fee, we should receive information about the buried, which will enable us to find your friend's grave. We expect you to be buried with your name, date, date of birth and date of death, where your name and surname are mandatory.

Graves for which a service for checking the status of charges has previously been ordered and performed are covered by the records in the service database. The system will automatically find the buried grave displaying all the locations that meet your search criteria. From the list presented by the location service, select the person whose grave you would like to pay for. If on the list presented by the website of the buried there is no person you are looking for, it means that there is no such buried in this cemetery or you can not order a service for his grave in an automated way. In such dubious situations, please contact the operator of the website at the indicated e-mail address.
Execution of the service
If the grave of your loved one is located automatically and the service has information on the status of the fee, the information will be made available to you on the screen. You will find out if the grave has a current payment. If the grave has an unpaid status, you will receive information about what fee is required and what will be the period of validity. On the basis of this information, you are ordering a tomb payment service. If for the selected grave information about the status of the fee is not yet available, you should first place an order for a separate service to check the status of such fee on our website. Depending on the regulations in force at a particular cemetery, it is also possible to pay a fee for a grave already paid, extending the period of its current validity.
Notification about the tomb payment
The fact that the payment of your loved one's grave has been completed will be informed in the manner provided for in the service's procedures via e-mail. You will receive a message confirming the payment of the grave along with information about the period of its validity. If you would like to receive additional notification via SMS in addition to such information, we can provide you with this. This option requires a mobile number and is additionally payable.
The service operator is
Erkwadrat sp. z o.o.
ul. Letnia 16
05-510 Chyliczki
+48 (22) 350 75 61
Transaction settlements
by payment card and e-transfer
are carried out through