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cemetery: Powązki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej
Deliver the wreath for the funeral
If you would like us to deliver a wreath for Your Middle Ages' funeral on your behalf, we will do our best to make this order as best as possible. According to your choice, we can deliver the wreath to the place of the funeral ceremony as well as place it at the place of the deceased's death. We will do this with full respect for the deceased and the funeral ceremony.
wieniec lub wiązanka na pogrzeb bliskiej osoby
Choosing a wreath
Depending on your preferences, we suggest choosing one of the wreath categories we offer. There are four categories to choose from:
small wreath
mały wieniec na grób bliskiej osoby
medium wreath
wieniec średni dla bliskiej osoby
big wreath
wieniec duży na pogrzeb dla bliskiej osoby
small bunch
wiązanka mała na pogrzeb dla blikiej osoby
average bunch
wiązanka średnia na pogrzeb dla bliskiej osoby
a large bunch
wiązanka duża na pogrzeb dla bliskiej osoby
Due to the variety of wreaths and boules offerings in various locations of cemeteries, the choice of wreath category means a product similar in appearance to that presented in the image. For wreaths with a sash we will ask you to provide us with the content of the inscription on the sash, which may consist of a maximum of 50 letters and characters.
Notification about placing a wreath
The fact that the wreath or bunch has been placed at the funeral ceremony or on the grave of your loved one, you will be informed in the manner provided on the site, using e-mail. You will receive a message with the date and time of our visit to the funeral ceremony or at the grave of the buried and discreet photographic documentation of the performance of the ordered service.
If you would like to receive additional notification via SMS in addition to such information, we can provide you with this. This option requires the number of your mobile phone and is additionally payable.
Indication of the place and date of placing the wreath
To provide a wreath or bunch for the funeral ceremony or the resting place of the person for whom the wreath or bunch is ordered, we should receive information from you about the deceased in the name of the deceased, as well as information about the date, time and place of the funeral ceremony. The organization of preparing and delivering the wreath requires a proper time advance in relation to the date of the funeral, which you will be informed when completing the order on our website. If you have any doubts about the mode or form of the ordered service, please contact the operator of the website at the e-mail address indicated.
Correspondence on the order
We are convinced that finding the place of the burial ceremony or resting place of your loved one and laying the wreath or bunch will take place without any disturbance. Occasionally, however, and for reasons beyond our control, situations may arise that will require our communication with you. Such situations may concern the clarification of the information about the order, or about the funeral ceremony. In this case, we will contact you via e-mail.
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