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cemetery: Powązki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej
Light the virtual candle in the cemetery
In cemeteries from the Service base, which are not yet directly supported, there is the possibility of igniting a virtual candle for a person buried in such a cemetery.
zapal znicz wirtualny na cmentarzu
This service is free and available to registered and logged Users of our Website. Access to this Service is possible through the item from the main menu Polish cemeteries and selecting the cemetery on which the person for whom we intend to order the Service is buried. If the selected cemetery turns out to be serviced directly by the Website, then Physical services provided at the cemetery will be displayed at your disposal.

For cemeteries not yet serviced directly by the Website, you can decide to light a virtual candle for the person buried in this cemetery. It will be possible if you provide the required data of the buried. If you want to search for a person buried in the Website database, enter her name and surname without the date of birth and date of death. After selecting the Light button, the system will search the base for buried persons with the given name and surname, from which you choose the right person. If the buried person is not in the database, enter her surname and first name, date of birth, which may remain empty, date of death, which must be completed as a full date or the year itself. To the candle you can attach a dedication that will be your personal text about the buried person, consisting of a maximum of 100 characters.

Due to the respect for the deceased and the seriousness of the situation as well as to ensure the maximum order in the databases, the content of your entry, including the dedication, will be moderated by the Website. If we do not accept the content of the entry, we reserve the right to reject it. The accepted entry will be presented on the website in the public section of the cemetery, as well as in the Moi Bliscy tab on your account. This information will be visible for the next seven days. The lit virtual candle must be signed with the name and pseudonym of the incendiary.

The service operator is
Erkwadrat sp. z o.o.
ul. Letnia 16
05-510 Chyliczki
+48 (22) 350 75 61
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