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cemetery: Pow±zki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej
Light the virtual candle for SĹ‚awny
The Website features figures of the deceased who were widely known and left a significant contribution to important areas of our lives such as culture, art, science, politics, sport, economy, medicine, public service and interpersonal relations. For the Slaves, who are buried in places unavailable to the Website, you can order an inflammation of the symbolic virtual candle.
znicz wirtualny dla sławnej osoby, która odeszła
This service is free and available to registered and logged Users of our Website. To light a virtual candle, it is necessary for the User to provide the Nickname used on the Website.

To the torch you can attach a dedication, which is a personal text of the User, consisting of a maximum of 100 characters. Due to respect for the deceased, the dedication will be subject to moderation by the Website. Lack of acceptance from the Website of the dedication content results in withdrawal from the ordered Service.

Information about your lighting the virtual candle and the dedication will be visible on the website of the celebrity at the entrance by lighting the virtual candle, as well as in the section My Loved Ones in your account. This information will be visible for the next seven days.

The service operator is
Respekto sp. z o.o.
ul. Letnia 16
05-510 Chyliczki
+48 (22) 350 75 61
Transaction settlements
by payment card and e-transfer
are carried out through
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