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cemetery: Powązki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej

We cherish the memory of the dead

Respecting to those who have passed away is our national quality

Areas of activity of our Website

Care for a resting place

We understand, respect and appreciate the care for the graves of our Ancestors and Loved Ones.

The operation of our website helps to compensate for this in situations when you do not have the opportunity or it is difficult for you to visit cemeteries as often as you would like.

We are able, on your behalf and worthily, to take care of the place in which a person who is close to you rests.

In the cemeteries covered by our activities, we offer the possibility of lighting a chosen candle on the grave, placing flowers, cleaning the grave and its immediate surroundings, and making photographic documentation. For a lighted candle or a folding flower, you can order a dedication that is a personal message for the buried. We will put the dedication in a decorative pendant, which we will join the sacred candle or flowers laid on the grave.

The implementation of the services ordered from us will be informed after their implementation along with photographic documentation. This information will be sent by e-mail to the address provided by you or additionally, at your express request, in the form of an SMS to your mobile phone number.

Also on your behalf, we can check the status of the fee for the grave indicated by you and pay the required fee to the cemetery managers. You will receive appropriate confirmation from this operation.

Our services also include delivering on your behalf a funeral wreath for your loved one or an important person. We will make every effort to complete this order as best as possible. According to your choice, we can deliver the wreath to the place of the funeral ceremony as well as place it at the place of the deceased's death. We will do this with full respect for the deceased and the funeral ceremony.

The database of Polish cemeteries

Our ambition is to provide website users with information about all cemeteries in Poland. We conduct systematic activities to achieve this goal as soon as possible.

Each cemetery in our database will be described in accordance with the information we have about it. In particular, it will be the identification of the cemetery, its location, number of buried, history, celebrities resting on its premises.

The service also provides its users with the ability to add cemeteries to which it is missing in the database, supplementing the descriptions of registered cemeteries with new information or modifying existing descriptions, adding information about buried ones, including using their photographs. For each cemetery that agrees, users will be able to make payments as part of the issue for maintaining and renovating the cemetery.

For cemeteries from the database of our service, for which we do not provide direct service yet, we provide the opportunity to light virtual candles, for buried people who rest on its premises.

The famous who left

The memory of people who have gained our respect, recognition and even admiration during their lifetime does not cease when they leave.

To be able to express my condolences, commemorate the memory, join the group of rememberers, we have made available on our site a place dedicated to those dead people who for many of us were authorities, idols, masters or favorites during their earthly journey. On our pages, we present the characters of those dead, who certainly could not remain indifferent to the majority of visitors to our website.

For every famous person you can get acquainted with his extensive biographical note, light a real candle on his grave, if he rests in a cemetery subject to our direct service or ignite a virtual candle if it rests in a cemetery that is beyond our reach. If you have a need to leave your personal message about such a Person, we provide a dedicated entry book for this purpose, where you can post it. Your entry will be able to be seen by all visitors to our website. If you would like to be kept informed about the departures of famous people, you can subscribe to the group of notifications, leaving only your email, to which you will receive a message about the famous place on our website.

Obituaries and condolences

The Departure of the Near Person causes those who remain, immense sadness and sorrow. In our tradition, it is important for people who, during their lifetime, to be important to us, to say good-bye with respect during their last journey to their place of eternal rest.

Our service allows those who organize Middle Burial, posting a free obituary on our site and providing e-mail addresses of all those who should be notified on time about the funeral ceremony.

With seriousness and respect, we will inform on behalf of the deceased all of the indicated recipients about this sad celebration.

The possibility of placing and distributing the obituary is available to our registered Users.

In addition to the obituary, the registered User can also edit and post on our pages condolences for the deceased's next and publish a personal memory about the Middle, who is no longer among the living. Such messages, at the discretion of the sender, may also be distributed by e-mail to specified recipients.

For the editing of all these messages, we provide dedicated templates that will certainly provide support during the editing of such extremely serious and personal content.

Both obituaries and condolences and memories remain on our pages forever and everyone who visits our website can view them both by date of publication and alphabetically.
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