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cemetery: Pow±zki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej
Paweł Adamowicz
PaweƂ Bogdan Adamowicz (born on November 2, 1965 in GdaƄsk, died on January 14, 2019) - Polish lawyer, local government and politician. Activist of the democratic opposition during the Polish People's Republic. In the years 1990-1993 he was the vice-rector of the University of GdaƄsk, in the years 1994-1998 he was the chairman of the City Council of GdaƄsk, in the years 1998-2019 he was the Mayor of GdaƄsk. He died as a result of the wounds inflicted on him by the assassin.
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Curriculum vitae

Education and professional activity

In the years 1972-1980 he attended Primary School No. 50 Emilii Plater in GdaƄsk, then in the years 1980-1984 to I High School named after Nicholas Copernicus in Gdansk . In high school, he joined Solidarity conspiracy. He was a distributor of press and underground publications. In the years 1984-1986 he was a co-editor and a printer of the underground student magazine Jedynka . In the years 1984-1989 he studied at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of GdaƄsk. During his studies in the period 1985-1987 he was a co-editor and printer of the ABC students' underground journal. In May 1988 he was a co-organizer of the occupational strike at his university and chairman of the student strike committee. He co-founded the first public opposition associations (the Political Thought Club in Warsaw, the Gdansk Political Club named after Lech Bądkowski, the Liberal Congress Association and the GdaƄsk Academic Association) . After graduation, he started working at UG as an assistant at the Department of State History and Polish Law and in the years 1990-1993 he was the Vice-Rector of UG for student affairs . Scientifically he dealt with the issues of local self-government in the Second Polish Republic. He had a master's degree . In the years 1991-1998 he was a member of the NSZZ Solidarnoƛć company's labor commission at the University of GdaƄsk . In the years 1993-1996 he completed legal training at the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in GdaƄsk, ending with a passed exam .

Political activity

In 1990 he was elected a GdaƄsk councilor on behalf of the Citizens' Committee. In the years 1990-1993 he was a member of the national and provincial authorities of the Liberal Democratic Congress . In the years 1994-1998 he was the chairman of the city council. He was active in the Conservative Party and then in the Conservative People's Party. In 1998, from the AWS list, he became a councilor for the third time, then he took the office of the president of the city. In the years 1990-1994 he was a city delegate to the local government council, in the years 1990-1991 he was the vice-chairman of the local government council . In 2001, he was among the founders of the regional structures of the Civic Platform. On November 10, 2002, he was elected for the second presidential term, this time in direct election. In the local elections in 2006, he successfully applied for reelection, winning in the first round with the support of 60.9% of voters (96,485 votes). Four years later he won again in the first round. In 2014, he was reelected for the next term, defeating Andrzej Jaworski in the second round. In the meantime, he also held the position of the chairman of the supervisory boards of the Port of Gdansk's Maritime Authority and the GdaƄsk Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej. Member of the Association of Workers, Co-workers and Friends of the Polish Radio Free Europe Federation of the Name of Jan Nowak-JezioraƄski, the Kashubian-Pomeranian Association and from the 2011 Committee of the Regions . He became a member of the supervisory body of the East European College of Eastern Europe Foundation. Jan Nowak-JezioraƄski in WrocƂaw, the Solidarity Center Foundation and the Development Foundation of the University of GdaƄsk. In the years 2007-2015 he was the chairman of the board of the Union of Polish Metropolises, then he became a member of the board of that organization . In March 2015, the prosecutor presented him with allegations concerning irregularities in asset declarations, and therefore suspended his membership in the OP (which then expired). In March 2016, the district court discontinued the proceedings in this case for a trial period, at the same time adjudicating to PaweƂ Adamowicz a cash benefit. In December 2016, the District Court in GdaƄsk, as a result of the prosecutor's appeal, quashed the verdict and referred the case for reconsideration. In 2018 he founded the Everything for GdaƄsk Association. In July 2018 the District Court for GdaƄsk-PoƂudnie unlawfully sentenced him to a fine of 2.5 thousand. zlotys for breach of physical integrity and slander of the All-Polish Youth activist. In November 2018, the District Court in GdaƄsk discontinued proceedings in this matter, considering that the social harmfulness of the act was negligible. Also in November 2018 PaweƂ Adamowicz, from the WdG candidate, in the second round (in which he was supported by, among others, the Civic Coalition and leftist circles) was again elected president of GdaƄsk, defeating Kacper PƂaĆŒyƄski from PiS.

Coup and death

13 January 2019 at 19:55, during the local finale of the 27th edition of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity held on the Węglowy Market in GdaƄsk, PaweƂ Adamowicz, who was on stage, was beaten three times by a knife by a 27-year-old assassin. The blows hit the heart and belly, damaging many internal organs. The striker was Stefan W., a recidivist, previously punished by, among others for robberies. The perpetrator immediately shouted political slogans against the judiciary and the Civic Platform. After about 30 minutes of resuscitation, the president was transported to the University Clinical Center in GdaƄsk, where he underwent a five-hour operation to save his life, during which he was subjected to 41 blood units. The next day his health did not improve and he was assisted by the apparatus replacing his heart and lungs. In the afternoon doctors reported his death . On January 14, 2019, the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, announced the day of the funeral of PaweƂ Adamowicz on the day of national mourning. Mourning, often a few days, was also announced in many Polish cities, including in GdaƄsk, Sopot, Gdynia, Warsaw, PoznaƄ, ƁódĆș and WaƂbrzych, as well as in the Pomeranian Voivodship. At 20:30 in the Warsaw Archcathedral, a holy mass was celebrated for the deceased, to which they came, including President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda with his wife and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. January 15, 2019 in many cities in Poland, including in Warsaw, Krakow, ƁódĆș, PoznaƄ and Katowice, rallies devoted to his memory and marches against violence were organized. Thousands of people took part in the demonstrations. In Gdansk, thousands of residents gathered at the Neptune monument in DƂugi Targ, in order to pay homage to the murdered president in silence. Among the gathered, there were, among others: President of the European Council Donald Tusk, vice president of GdaƄsk Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, president of Gdynia Wojciech Szczurek, president of Sopot Jacek Karnowski, deputy speaker of the Senate Bogdan Borusewicz and former president Lech Walesa. In many cities, condolence books have also been issued. thumb
Private life
He was the second son of socialist and economist Ryszard Adamowicz and economist Teresa nĂ©e StuƄdzia, displaced from Vilnius in 1946 . His older brother was a journalist Piotr Adamowicz. In 1999 he married Magdalena Abramska, a lawyer and an academic teacher at the University of GdaƄsk. They had two daughters: Antonina (born in 2003) and Teresa (born in 2010) .
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