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cemetery: Powązki, Warszawa
photography: Jacek Michiej
Take a picture of the grave
If you would like to find out or check how your Middle Ages' grave looks, we will do it for you. We will do this with full respect for the buried and his resting place. We will make and send to you the e-mail address that you have made, the grave from three perspectives: the grave with its surroundings, the grave presented individually, and the grave table. If you are a registered user of our service, in your client panel, you have the option of providing us with your individual expectations for the order placed. We will consider them with care and attention, and then we will notify you if we are able to implement them and present an appropriate valuation of this implementation.
Notification about the picture
About the fact that photos of your loved one's grave have been made, you will be informed in the manner provided on the site, using e-mail. You will receive a message with the date and time of our visit at the grave and three photos depicting the image of the grave from different perspectives. If you would like to receive additional notification via SMS in addition to such information, we can provide you with this. This option requires a mobile number and is additionally payable.
Indication of the buried
To get to the place of rest, taking pictures you would like to entrust us with, we should receive information about the buried, which will enable us to find your friend's grave. We expect that the buried will be identified by name, first name, date of birth and date of death, where name and surname are mandatory to be provided. In cemeteries covered by digital records of buried, the service will automatically find the burial grave displaying all the locations that meet your search criteria. From the list presented by the location service, select the person whose grave you would like to photograph. If on the list presented by the website of the buried there is no person you are looking for, it means that there is no such buried in this cemetery or you can not order the service for it in an automated way. In such dubious situations, please contact the operator of the website at the indicated e-mail address.
Indication of the buried grave
For cemeteries not included in the digital inventory of buried, you should specify the location of the grave, if the location is known to you, or order a service to search for a grave of your loved one in a given cemetery. If the location of the grave is known, you can specify it in one of four ways:
1. Giving the number of the grave in accordance with the convention of numbering graves in a given cemetery
2. Attach a grave picture with a GPS marker
3. Indication of the grave on the presented digital map of the cemetery
4. Verbal description of how to get to the grave
Correspondence on the order
We are convinced that usually finding your loved one's grave and taking pictures will take place without any disturbances. Occasionally, however, and for reasons beyond our control, situations may arise that will require our communication with you. Such situations may mainly concern the clarification of the information about the order, or the inability to find the grave, despite our best efforts, based on information from you. In this case, you will receive an email from us asking us to confirm the order details or information that the grave has not been found in spite of our actions in the email and whether and how much of the payment for your order may be subject to reimbursement.
The service operator is
Erkwadrat sp. z o.o.
ul. Letnia 16
05-510 Chyliczki
+48 (22) 350 75 61
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